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8 Fantastic Tools Every Marketer Should Have

Mailchimp (Mail–kimp?)

If you’re among the sceptics of using email as a part of your marketing, think again. Email newsletters not only provide a direct access to your customers’ inboxes, they also represent a great deal of content marketing, given that you use it to both promote and educate.

Mailchimp is a great starter tool for email marketing thanks to their free plans. You can customise the look of the emails as you wish. Head over to for a great portfolio of successful email campaigns from brands.

Mailchimp email automation.



Social media has become a necessity for marketers rather than just an optional contact channel. This, however, brought the challenge of managing multiple social media accounts at the same time.

Buffer is an utterly simplistic tools that lets you queue up your social media posts. Their algorithm determines the best posting times for different social networks to increase the visibility of your updates. All you have to do is add your content to the queue and leave the rest to Buffer’s magic.

Aside from their tool, Buffer is a company I deeply appreciate. They promote complete transparency with their operations (you can see how much money they make, who gets paid what and where does the revenue go). Check out their Open Blog to see how they work.

Buffer social media automation tool.


Moz Open Site Explorer

A marketer should focus heavily on providing valuable communications with the target audience, but it’s also essential to be able to track the results of your efforts. The digital marketing giant Moz’s Open Site Explorer helps you analyse mentions of your brand, competitors and keywords.

For paying customers, Moz offers an expanded version of Open Site Explorer, called Fresh Site Explorer, giving you instant metrics on where on the web you are mentioned, with or without a link.

Do basic social listening with Mox.



There will be moments where you’ll need to design visuals for your social media campaigns, but no access to a graphic designer. Canva makes the entire designing process a breeze with a simple new way to design.

You can choose from preset free templates for your flyers, presentations, posters, social media posts and blog graphics. The absolutely easy drag-and-drop interface makes Canva much more fun to play around with. The iPad app makes easy design easily accessible.

Quickly sketch out campaign content with Canva.


If This Then That (IFTTT)

Marketers love every bit of technology that makes life easier for them. IFTTT is exactly the sort of a product that offers that relief, the relief of automating the mundane tasks. IFTTT allows you to create recipes that run automatically among all the tools that you use. The recipes follow the basic motto of “If this happens, then do this”.

There are many recipes available for marketers, such as a recipe to thank your new followers and a recipe to get notified as soon as your brand gets mentioned on social media. Head over to this article to see 14 great recipes for IFTTT.

Automate everything with IFTT.



If you are fascinated about how Post-It notes essentially created a note-taking revolution, wait until you see Trello. Trello offers task organisation online by enabling you to create different boards, cards and lists for different task lists. The easy drag and drop interface reminds us a lot of the Post It notes.

From a marketing point of view, if you would like to keep track of your campaigns, collaborate with others and keep everything (images, videos, text) in a single place, Trello is your friend. It also offers smartphone apps, which gives you a chance to work on the go.

Project management on the go with Trello.



Tweetdeck is one of those social media management tools you’ll love to use. Twitter is a big universe and there are loads going on at any moment, which makes keeping an eye on things a bit of an hassle in the regular Twitter interface.

Tweetdeck, owned by Twitter, solves this problem by offering a completely professional look into your Twitter account. By allowing you to create columns for different purposes (such as hashtag, profile, mention tracking), Tweetdeck offers a full screen experience of everything relevant on Twitter.

Manage multiple Twitter accounts with ease.


Google Analytics

In an era where Google has become a synonym for everything on the internet, website analytics is no exception. You’ll need to be able to monitor everything about your website, including the incoming visits, visitor demographics and source performances; and Google Analytics is the master of this.

Advanced capabilities Google Analytics offer makes it a fundamental part of your marketing arsenal. After all, marketing is only valuable if it’s traceable.

Track your website visitors.



Blogging is an absolutely efficient way of opinion leadership, regardless of whether you use it for personal promotion, B2B or B2C marketing. The functionality revolution in blogging created by WordPress takes a fresh turn with Medium.

Medium lets you create independently hosted articles. The biggest advantage of Medium is its simplistic layout and beautiful typography that makes reading interesting. You can write on any topics, share them and get recommended.

Effortlessly publish with Medium.


If you have any other suggestions on marketing tools, feel free to contact me on Twitter. I’ll keep this list updated.