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  • Tech company rebranding.

    Shake Off That Corporate Look!

    Something really interesting is happening in corporate branding. Companies are trying to lose their edge…

  • Digital media and marketing 4Ps

    P-bundance: Marketing Mix in the Era of Digital

    It was a simpler time when I was back in the uni studying marketing. The holy grail of marketing mix boiled down to 4Ps; product, price, promotion and place. 

    The marketing mix later got an update to also include people, process and proof. But with the digital media technologies taking the domination over traditional marketing; the 7Ps of marketing mix maybe needs an update.

  • Marketing automation software.

    8 Fantastic Tools Every Marketer Should Have

    Digital tools make every marketer’s job a lot more easier. Here is a list of 8 most essential tools, including great options to manage your email marketing, content marketing, design and even social media management.

  • Apple Watch Gold Edition 2014

    The Reason Why a $10.000 Apple Watch Makes Sense

    The pricing of Apple Watch was probably a bigger argument of the watch itself. Torn between whether to consider it a fashion statement or a high-tech smartwatch, the curious minds finally got their answer. Apples and Oranges A $10.000 smartwatch doesn’t make in a lot of ways. You can’t compare them to Patek Philippe or…

  • Brand loyalty is dead?

    Is Brand Loyalty the Marketing Killer?

    I’ve been fascinated by the entire concept of mind-numbingly successful brand loyalty for a while now, which caused me to outburst an entire research paper on it. Surprisingly enough, HBR’s recent topic also put finger on this entire topic. The article, entitled “Marketing is Dead, and Loyalty Killed It” is a dedication to obsolete nature of…

  • Listen to B2B marketing podcasts from industry leaders.

    B2B Marketing Podcasts With Industry Leaders

    I’ve recently discovered this great resource for B2B Marketers. They interview CMOs, Marketing Directors etc. of the well-known companies such as Zapier, DocuSign and Demandbase. Definitely a good way of discovering their marketing practices and how they succeed. Listen on iTunes

  • How Effective is Google Display Network?

    Google Display Network is Google’s platform for advertisers that enables them to advertise their products/services on third party websites in a banner format. Unlike Google’s native search advertising network, GDN opens possibilities to interactive ads with imagery. In the vast proliferation of online advertising platforms, it becomes a question of measuring effectiveness among each and…

  • VW Beetle ad campaign.

    Volkswagen Think Small: Possibly the Greatest Print Advertising Ever

    How did a funny looking car that was named after a bug, known for being slow and manufactured in factories built by Nazis ever become iconic to a generation of post-war Americans? Read this fantastic piece that explores all the innards of this sensational attempt of marketing that embraces the paradoxical understatement of Beetle.