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  • Listen to the Horrific Tones of a Dial-Up Modem

    Despite listening to it with a gigantic smile on my face, this makes me feel inexplicably old.

  • Unique design portable world clock.

    11+ Is a World Clock You Can Roll to Change Time Zones

    Korean design studio Elevenplus created an absolutely gorgeous World Clock called 11+. The simplistic cylinder design of the clock can be rotated to adjust to a new time zone effortlessly. The clock is easy to carry on (hence very travel-friendly), but still would make a great piece as a stylish bedside clock. The 11+ clock ships…

  • Unique coffee shops.

    Coffee Shops That Pretend to be Apple Stores

    Three British teenagers set out to create a brand new coffee shop concept that reflects characteristic we can only affiliate with an Apple Store. The Kickstarter project, called Space Lounges, aims at transforming the coffee shop culture we are familiar with Starbucks, Costa and Pret; into a futuristic shade of casualty and innovation. The most…

  • Norway passport design.

    Norway Has World’s Sleekest Passport Design

    I mean, look at this! I’d be reluctant to have it stamped in any way.

  • Post-It Goes Digital with Their New App

    If you’ve finally embraced the fact that Post-It are nothing more than sticky coloured papers that managed to capture mental amounts of brand recognition, we can move on to talk about how they are now trying to change the digital note taking for the good. Their recently launched iOS app lets you capture your old-school…

  • Minimalism of Technology

    A simple .gif explaining how the decades of technological developments decluttered our lives and desks for the good.

  • My 3 Takes on Apple Watch

    Yeah, yeah, yeah. Said’s at it again, famously preaching the latest mutterings from the church of Apple. But I reckon this won’t be so much of an attempt to cry out “OMG it’s so awesome I want it NOW!”. Instead, I’ll try to look at it as objective as I can, make three points and that’s it.…

  • Thirsty for Some Ice Water? 6 Reasons That Made ALS Ice Bucket Challenge a Success

    It is fascinating how a bucket of icy cold water could transform the entire social media into a rush of charitability, all within a matter of days. Celebrities take the lead on this one, with their pyramid scheme like nomination model aimed at getting everyone involved, forcibly or not. In the name of understanding how…