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  • Unique coffee shops.

    Coffee Shops That Pretend to be Apple Stores

    Three British teenagers set out to create a brand new coffee shop concept that reflects characteristic we can only affiliate with an Apple Store. The Kickstarter project, called Space Lounges, aims at transforming the coffee shop culture we are familiar with Starbucks, Costa and Pret; into a futuristic shade of casualty and innovation. The most…

  • Brand loyalty is dead?

    Is Brand Loyalty the Marketing Killer?

    I’ve been fascinated by the entire concept of mind-numbingly successful brand loyalty for a while now, which caused me to outburst an entire research paper on it. Surprisingly enough, HBR’s recent topic also put finger on this entire topic. The article, entitled “Marketing is Dead, and Loyalty Killed It” is a dedication to obsolete nature of…

  • Listen to B2B marketing podcasts from industry leaders.

    B2B Marketing Podcasts With Industry Leaders

    I’ve recently discovered this great resource for B2B Marketers. They interview CMOs, Marketing Directors etc. of the well-known companies such as Zapier, DocuSign and Demandbase. Definitely a good way of discovering their marketing practices and how they succeed. Listen on iTunes

  • How Effective is Google Display Network?

    Google Display Network is Google’s platform for advertisers that enables them to advertise their products/services on third party websites in a banner format. Unlike Google’s native search advertising network, GDN opens possibilities to interactive ads with imagery. In the vast proliferation of online advertising platforms, it becomes a question of measuring effectiveness among each and…

  • VW Beetle ad campaign.

    Volkswagen Think Small: Possibly the Greatest Print Advertising Ever

    How did a funny looking car that was named after a bug, known for being slow and manufactured in factories built by Nazis ever become iconic to a generation of post-war Americans? Read this fantastic piece that explores all the innards of this sensational attempt of marketing that embraces the paradoxical understatement of Beetle.

  • Norway passport design.

    Norway Has World’s Sleekest Passport Design

    I mean, look at this! I’d be reluctant to have it stamped in any way.

  • Amazon store.

    Amazon is Going Brick&Mortar. But Why?

    Last month, Amazon revealed that they’ll be launching a flagship retail store in Manhattan New York for the 2014 holiday season. It came out as a strange move by a company who famously challenged the physical stores all these years by offering online-only retail experiences. However, there are two main reasons that seem obvious to…

  • Post-It Goes Digital with Their New App

    If you’ve finally embraced the fact that Post-It are nothing more than sticky coloured papers that managed to capture mental amounts of brand recognition, we can move on to talk about how they are now trying to change the digital note taking for the good. Their recently launched iOS app lets you capture your old-school…