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  • Label based ad bidding scheduling for Ads Manager (MCC) accounts.

    Hourly Ad Schedule Management Script for Google Ads

    I have been using and admiring the powerful scripting features provided on Google Ads. It truly gives you a better control over your ad campaigns instead of trying to fiddle through Google Ads’ god-awful redesign. Out of a recent necessity, I’ve come across the challenge of creating a script that provides selective control over select…

  • How to get Instagram post/page data to MySQL database.

    Simple Way To Export Instagram Data Using Python

    There was a time you used to be able to easily get access to Facebook’s API, harvest data and do anything you want with it. It was so good in fact that it caused a global tragedy of stolen information. Now, however, Facebook is being extra stringent with who has access to their data. One…

  • Tech company rebranding.

    Shake Off That Corporate Look!

    Something really interesting is happening in corporate branding. Companies are trying to lose their edge…

  • Digital media and marketing 4Ps

    P-bundance: Marketing Mix in the Era of Digital

    It was a simpler time when I was back in the uni studying marketing. The holy grail of marketing mix boiled down to 4Ps; product, price, promotion and place. 

    The marketing mix later got an update to also include people, process and proof. But with the digital media technologies taking the domination over traditional marketing; the 7Ps of marketing mix maybe needs an update.

  • Marketing automation software.

    8 Fantastic Tools Every Marketer Should Have

    Digital tools make every marketer’s job a lot more easier. Here is a list of 8 most essential tools, including great options to manage your email marketing, content marketing, design and even social media management.

  • Apple Watch Gold Edition 2014

    The Reason Why a $10.000 Apple Watch Makes Sense

    The pricing of Apple Watch was probably a bigger argument of the watch itself. Torn between whether to consider it a fashion statement or a high-tech smartwatch, the curious minds finally got their answer. Apples and Oranges A $10.000 smartwatch doesn’t make in a lot of ways. You can’t compare them to Patek Philippe or…

  • Listen to the Horrific Tones of a Dial-Up Modem

    Despite listening to it with a gigantic smile on my face, this makes me feel inexplicably old.

  • Unique design portable world clock.

    11+ Is a World Clock You Can Roll to Change Time Zones

    Korean design studio Elevenplus created an absolutely gorgeous World Clock called 11+. The simplistic cylinder design of the clock can be rotated to adjust to a new time zone effortlessly. The clock is easy to carry on (hence very travel-friendly), but still would make a great piece as a stylish bedside clock. The 11+ clock ships…